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Football > NCAA > DVD > 2002 > Grambling State Tigers at Southern Jaguars
2002 Grambling State Tigers at Southern Jaguars DVD
2002 NCAA college football regular season DVD
recap / box score

Scoring Summary

1st QUARTER SCORE 13:09 TD Southern University KENNETH PEOPLES 1 YD RUN (BLOCKED XP) Drive info: 6 plays, 58 yards 6-0, Southern University

6:15 TD Southern University MICHAEL HAYES 25 YD PASS FROM QUINCY RICHARD (FAILED 2PT PASS) Drive info: 18 plays, 71 yards 12-0, Southern University
2:02 FG Grambling State BRIAN MORGAN 24 YD FG Drive info: 11 plays, 72 yards 12-3, Southern University

14:34 TD Southern University AL'TREVION JOUBERT 53 YD PASS FROM QUINCY RICHARD (COLBY MILLER KICK) Drive info: 1 plays, 53 yards 19-3, Southern University
13:14 TD Grambling State TRAMON DOUGLAS 14 YD PASS FROM BRUCE EUGENE (BRIAN MORGAN KICK) Drive info: 5 plays, 71 yards 19-10, Southern University
11:49 TD Southern University CHRIS DAVIS 27 YD RUN (COLBY MILLER KICK) Drive info: 4 plays, 59 yards 26-10, Southern University
6:12 TD Grambling State D.J. CLAY 18 YD PASS FROM BRUCE EUGENE (D.J. CLAY 2PT PASS FROM BRUCE EUGENE) Drive info: 4 plays, 31 yards 26-18, Southern University
0:18 TD Southern University LEON MILLER 6 YD PASS FROM QUINCY RICHARD (THOMAS RICKS 2PT RUSH) Drive info: 10 plays, 31 yards 34-18, Southern University

9:50 TD Southern University QUINCY RICHARD 2 YD RUN (COLBY MILLER KICK) Drive info: 11 plays, 67 yards 41-18, Southern University
9:28 TD Southern University RANDY WILLIAMS 46 YD INTERCEPTION RETURN (COLBY MILLER KICK) 48-18, Southern University
3:07 TD Grambling State JESSIE GERSHONE 7 YD PASS FROM BRUCE EUGENE (FAILED 2PT RUSH) Drive info: 9 plays, 56 yards 48-24, Southern University

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